25.5'' Wrought Iron Powder Coated Bird Travel Carrier Cage with Handle Wooden Perch & Seed Guard for Small Parrots

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A large birdcage may not be that convenient when you need to take your birds out, since it’s relatively bulky in size and heavy in weight. So, a compact and sturdy bird travel cage is a good investment. Whenever you want to take your birds out to the vet, to get some fresh air, or if you’re planning a relocation, a smaller bird carrier cage can offer your birds a safe and convenient temporary habitat. Constructed from powder-coated wrought iron in a hammered finish, this bird travel cage excels in strength, water-resistance and durability. The long wood perch handle offers a convenient grip when transporting the cage. The stainless-steel feeders can be accessed outside the cage through the feeder doors. The seed guard and pull-out litter tray catch all the scattered seeds.


  • Large cages are long-term habitats for your birds, but they may be a little bit bulky if you want to take them out with birds. Here comes this compact travel cage. No matter for a trip to the vet, to the park or for moving, it can be of great help for pet parents.
  • This sturdy bird travel cage measures L19” x W15.5” x H25.5”, offering a roomy space for birds to stretch wings and roam around. With a bar spacing of 0.6”, this cage is safe for small to medium-sized birds like canaries, budgies, parrotlets, lovebirds, conures, cockatiels to use.
  • The front door and two feeder doors are secured with locks to prevent your smart little escape artists from getting out when you’re not around. The side hooks for securing seatbelt ensure added convenience and safety.
  • For more convenience, the cage handle is additionally topped with a wood dowel to offer birds a comfortable place to perch outside the cage.
  • For better hygiene, there is a mesh bottom grate to separate the birds and the litter tray, preventing them from walking/standing directly on their droppings. The pull-out design of the grate and the litter tray makes cleaning a breeze for this travel cage.