2 Bird Cuttlebone Chew Holders

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02/02/23 12:18 EST
by Junniu
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Made of high-quality plastic, odorless and harmless, bitten resistant, solid and durable. Easy and convenient to install, wonderful as a kind of pet stand. Parrot food holder great for holding greens or fruit piece and more.


  • 4.3"long and 2.2" width, lightweight. Made of high-quality plastic, it is odorless, harmless, waterproof, sturdy and durable. The smooth surface is polished without burrs and will not harm your birds.
  • The clever use of the small plastic barrier can hold the cuttlefish bones, corn, carrots firmly in place to ensure that it will not move when your bird eats. 
  • The multi-purpose branch-shaped standing pole can be used to place fruit and food, and it is also convenient for birds to roost or eat. 
  • Parrot stands with a very easy-to-install knob/nut, it is lightweight and has small holes. It can be screwed to the bird cage or other places, and it can be placed wherever it can be fixed.
  • The perfect pet bird cuttlebone bracket feeders, suitable for parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds, finches, etc. It has a simple design, but very practical in use.