3 Piece Medium, Adjustable Bird Cage Seed Catcher - 78 x 15 Inch

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by Shappy
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This seed feather catcher can prevent food inside the bird cage from spreading to the outside, helping to maintain birdcage and floor tidiness.


3-piece bird cage covers include 2 in white color and 1 in black color, suitable for, medium or small bird cage

  • Adjustable ropes: the bottom and top of the seed feather catcher are designed with elastic ropes to maintain it fit in place without sliding; And you can tie a small knot behind the rope buckle to further secure
  • Light penetration: this airy skirt guard will not completely block the light but can weaken the dazzling sun rays, providing a comfortable rest and play space for your bird.
  • Quality material: this adjustable bird cage cover is made of breathable nylon mesh design to ensure unobstructed air circulation