4 Mini Sneakers - Parrot Foot Toy

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The Mini Sneakers from Bonka Bird Toys are one of the best bird foot toys you can provide for your pet! The mini sneakers that are included in the pack are sure to catch your feathered friend's attention with their bright colors and shreddable material.

Each sneaker is made with 100% natural cotton and soft rubber. These rubber soles are great fun for pet birds to grab onto and chew. The lightweight sneaker and grippable rubber are super easy for pet birds to pick up. The shoe is made with natural soft cotton which is a ton of fun for your pet to pull apart and chew on. The lace of the shoestrings through the holes on the front of the sneaker and is easy to knot. Knotted laces are super enticing for birds and they'll love pulling them apart.

The shoelaces also give a good opportunity for you to tie the shoe to other items or around the cage. Each sneaker measures about (3) inches wide, (1.5) inches tall and (1.25) inches deep. All of the mini sneakers are 100% bird safe. About (3) inches long and (1) inch wide. Great foot toy for birds. Perfect to stuff with foraging material.


  • The 4 Mini Sneakers from Bonka Bird Toys are classic bird foot toys for your feathered friend!
  • These excellent bird foot toys are made with bird safe materials including natural cotton and rubber
  • The bird safe laces can be tied to other objects or made into fun pullable knots like the real thing
  • All of the mini sneakers come in bright bird pleasing assorted colors that stand out in the cage.
  • The 4 Mini Sneakers are 100% bird safe and can even be used for regular arts and crafts too!