5 Pack Unbleached Real Sea Sponges for Hermit Crab Provides Nutrients, Safer Drinking and Maintains Tank Humidity

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Real sea sponges can be an essential part of your hermit crab's environment. As well as being decorative, they can be beneficial to the health and well-being of your hermit crab. Sponges are highly absorbent and can hold much water. Placing a few soaked sponges in your crabitat helps maintain tank humidity by providing a larger surface from which water evaporates. Due to structure of their gills, a humid environment makes it easier for your crab to breathe.


  • UNBLEACHED & ADDITIVE FREE: After harvesting, our sponges are processed and cleaned but not bleached. This results in a slightly darker color than compared to bleached sponges.
  • SAFER WAY TO DRINK WATER: Sponges provides easy access to water dishes and help reduce accidental drowning.
  • NUTRIENT SOURCE: Hermit crabs like to consume sponges. Nutrients such as Chitin and minerals contained within them are beneficial to exoskeleton health and the longevity of hermit crabs.
  • MAINTAINS TANK HUMIDITY: The absorbency sponges and their ability to hold much water helps maintain humidity within the aquarium habitat.
  • VALUE PACK: 5 unbleached sponges measuring 1.5 - 2” when wet.