6 Piece - 1-inch and 2-inch Opening Sized Hermit Crab Shells - Medium to Large Growth Natural Turbo Seashells Set

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New shells should be sterilized in boiling dechlorinated water for 5 minutes, then cooled, and then placed in your crabitat. Do not use painted or glazed shells for pets as they are dangerous to hermits.


  • Size Range: Opening size 1-inch - 2-inch. Six different color-sized shells are available for your hermit crab selection. Hermit crabs choose the conch shell according to their size and color at different times. 
  • Natural And Safe shells.
  • Packaged Well: All the hermit crab seashells are in a box. They are in separate space to avoid damage.
  • Not all the shells are the same as the picture. Natural shells vary.