60 Piece First Aid Bag for Pets

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60 PIECE FIRST AID PET KIT gives you everything you need including bandages, gauze, gloves, antiseptic and more. Our kit is Certified Pet Friendly!

Everything You Need to Take Care of Your Pet! As a pet owner, you have a responsibility to make sure you do everything you can to take care of your cat or dog. But, if you don’t have a pet first aid bag on hand, then you could be caught off guard in the case of emergency. Our Certified Pet Friendly pet first aid kit is designed to help you have the tools and equipment you need to handle accidents and injuries before you’re able to get your animal to the veterinarian. Be an awesome first responder for your furry friend!

Our 60-piece first aid bag for pets includes: - 2 gauze rolls 2.3” x 13’ - 3 gauze pads 3” x 3” - 4 alcohol free wipes - 2 elastic bandages - 4 adhesive bandages - 1 triangular bandage - 1 pair of sanitary gloves - 1 roll of pet first aid tape - 2 wooden tongue depressors - 1 pair of tweezers - 1 pair of scissors - 1 tick remover - 1 instant cold ice pack - 1 pet emergency blanket - 6 antiseptic wipes - 10 application swabs - 1 pet emergency care handbook - 1 carabiner - 1 red flashlight - 1 first aid supplies travel bag organizer.

A must-have accessory for every pet owner and animal lover, keep a pet first aid bag with you everywhere your pet goes, including your car’s glove compartment, your home, backpacks, purses, and other travel bags! The essential pet emergency care handbook gives you the information you need.