7-Way Aquarium Test Strips -100 Strip Testing Kit for Freshwater, Saltwater, And Pond

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Testing water in your local fish shop regularly is always time-consuming and definitely not cheap. Our aquarium test strips solve the time and money issue for you and provide reliable results. 


  • 7-in-1 Aquarium Test Kit: Total hardness (GH), Nitrate (NO3), Nitrite (NO2), Chlorine (Cl2), Total Alkalinity, Carbonate (KH), pH. 7 most important parameters are tested. Let you know what to do to create healthy environment for your fish.
  • Easy and Fast for Reliable Results: Only 3 steps needed. Get accurate results within minutes. 1. Dip an aquarium testing strip into water for 2 sec. 2. Remove it and hold horizontally for 60 sec. 3. Compare to color chart. Save tiring trips to local fish shop.
  • This pond testing kit is functional in both freshwater and saltwater. Apply to aquarium, fish tank, pond. Make it easy to monitor your water quality and know if the filter is working properly. Detect invisible water problem and minimize fish loss.
  • Fish tank strips are made of premium fiber paper, avoiding color bleeding between pads. No confusion when reading results.
  • Convenient 100 Strips: 100 aquarium test strips in a handy bottle. Economical and easy to carry to test anywhere according to your own needs. Please contact us if you have any concerns about our saltwater & freshwater test kit. We are ready to provide efficient and satisfactory solution all the time.