8 Christmas Guinea Pig or Bunny Toy and Chew Treats

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The Christmas toys include 1pc Christmas wreath, 1pc holly hanging chew toy, 1pc Christmas tree garland, 1pc vine star, 2pcs loofahs and 2pcs pinecones. Made of 100% natural willow balls, vine, apple wood and pine wood. Our high-quality chew treats are suitable for rabbits, guinea pig, chinchilla, hamster, gerbils, rats, and rabbits.


  • The hanging tree garland measures approx. 12 inches. The Christmas wreath and holly chew toy measure about 4.4 inches. And the vine star is approx. 3.35 inches long. The loofahs are 2.4-3.2 inches in length and the pinecones are approx. 1.2-1.6 inches in length. This collection of gnawing treats is an appropriate choice for your pet's teething grinding and entertainment.
  • More than just teeth care. Promote small animal's digestion and improve appetite. These small pet toys are great for pet's enrichment as well.
  • Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.1 x 3.0 inches