Adjustable Bird Cage Nylon Mesh Netting Seed Guard

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by Shappy
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The bird cage net cover adopts classic color, which can easily match your birdcage, catering to your house style nicely. Can be folded: The nylon mesh material makes the birdcage seed feather catcher soft to be folded, which is convenient for you to store, saving your storing space. Easy to install: You just need to pull the soft skirt guard over the birdcage, and then tighten the ropes on the top and bottom of skirt guard, finally tie knots behind the small clasp.


  • Available in multiple sizes and colors to meet your cage shape, size and your house decor.
  • The birdcage seed feather catcher can be applied for your bird cages, which can prevent the messy seeds and floating feathers from scattering on your house, keeping your house clean and tidy
  • Can be adjusted: the bird cage net cover is designed with elastic ropes on the top and the bottom, which can hold the bird cage net cover firmly in place and preventing the bird cage net cover from slipping; You can make a small knot behind the small clasp to prevent falling after tightening the rope
  • Air circulation: the birdcage nylon mesh netting is made by netted fabric, which can allow air circulation and will not block the light, providing a comfortable living place for your birds
  • Machine washable: the soft skirt guard consists of nylon mesh, which is soft and flexible, easy to wash by hand or machine and dry out quickly
  • Material: nylon mesh.