Airline Approved Ventilated Bird Travel Carrier with Stand Perch

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Top 4 mesh ventilation leaf design features great air flow, clear front and back soft TPU provides transparent vision for outside also protects birds from the wind and sand. Because of this hands-free bird carrier, birds can satisfy their curiosity while taking them out for hiking and traveling, birds should not be left alone at home anymore, they deserve to have an apartment for outside with you, where they could enjoy the sunshine in winter, the breeze in autumn, the scenery in summer and the rain drops in spring.


  • Portable Bird Travel Carrier Parrot Parakeet Carrier Cage: Adjustable shoulder strap to satisfy all gender fit request, top padded soft handle for easy carrying to vet or car seat security.
  • Best ventilation design, 4 leaf-shape mesh vents on top, 1 side all mesh design for easy-accessing without unzip the bird carrier repeatedly, the other side with pocket storage design plus extra side top vent mesh, also extra 4 grommets on front and back for air flow too.
  • All Accessories Included: Extra wooden stand perch to be mounted on small eyelet between front and back transparent panel, stainless steel thick plate to be placed on the bottom to provide support and easy to clean if urgency.
  • Anti-scratching and durable mesh materials, pet-safe supplies.