Aquatic Foods 14oz Freeze Dried Tubifex Worm Cubes

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Our Freeze Dried Tubifex are sifted for dust removal.

Ingredients: 100% Tubifex Worms Apx Analysis: Crude Protein......Min. 54.0% Crude Fat.........Min. 9.0% Crude Fiber.......Max. 2.0% Moisture..........Max. 5.0%


  • We at Aquatic Foods sift all of our Freeze-Dried Foods, Spirulina Algae Wafers, Floating Pellets, Sinking Pellets to remove most Dust, Pieces and Particles prior to shipping to ensure you receive the highest quality Tropical Fish Food.
  • Please note: All product photos are not exact; product color and sizes may vary a little.
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