Automatic Acrylic No-Mess Bird Cage Feeder

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01/24/23 09:25 EST
by Kenond
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Made of high-quality rigid acrylic sheet for durable use. Transparent material allows you to observe food balance for timely replenishment. Holds approximately 400g. Please measure your bird cage size to match before buying

  • No complicated extra installation steps, you just need to fix it on the cage with the matching screws. The feeder can be fixed outside or inside the cage, and the top cover can be opened directly to add food without removing it
  • It can effectively eliminate seeds and chaff. Your bird enters and eats, leaving hulls and uneaten seed behind in the trough compartment below, keeping the bird cage or room clean. The bottom independent drawer design is easy to remove and dump
  • This small crystal-clear Bird feeder is expressly designed for parakeet, cockatiel, finch, budgie, canary, lovebird, starlings, mynah and other small or medium bird. You can put foods that pet birds like, such as various grains and nutritious foods