Baby Fish Micron Shrimp Patties

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Made from 100% natural and carefully selected ingredients, our pet food contains Taiwan’s wild sword shrimp for up to 25-60%. This is how we’re able to provide proper nutrition with good flavor. In fact, it’s so good that no fish can resist it—even the pickiest ones! Our ultimate goal is to give pets a healthier choice from nature to keep them by your side for longer.


  • Ultimate Growth Formula Contains up to 50% wild sword prawn & akiami paste shrimps with wealth variety of natural ingredients. Rich in calcium and fiber, while low in fat, this formula helps fry develop strong bones and healthy body.
  • Perfect Alternative To Baby Brine Shrimp The 500μm slow sinking particles perfectly mimick the baby brine shrimp that attract fry's instant interest.
  • SAY NO TO DUST, OILY FILM, POLLUTION With the most advanced granule technology, our food comes without dust, causes no oily film, and will not pollute the water. As small as 500μm granule, it softens quickly, easy for fry to digest.
  • PET SUPERFOOD It's not only tasty, but it also keeps frys healthy! Our food is jam-packed with vitamins (A, C, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12) great for reaching full potential in size, color, fins, and A+ immunity!
  • 3 Million CFUs/g Probiotics 3 million CFUs/g probiotics are within our food to automatically help dissolve fish excrements, residuals and keeps water clean. Other than that it helps fish to fully absorb nutrition, help to excretion, enhance the immune system and lower the risk of digestive problems.