Bat Basics: How to Understand and Help These Amazing Flying Mammals

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Learn the bat basics, such as how they use echolocation, why they hibernate, and what they eat. Then use the field guide section to identify common and important species to know. Inside You’ll Find Bat myths debunked―they won’t really fly in your hair or try to bite. Identification guide to 32 North American species. Instructions on how to bat-proof a house and what to do if you find a bat indoors. Projects, activities, and tips to help bats Get Bat Basics, and celebrate the amazing lives of bats!

About the Author Karen Krebbs worked at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for more than 26 years, and she now works on her own as an independent contractor. She has extensive knowledge of birds, mammals, deserts, and animal adaptations and behavior. Karen has carried out research for bats in the United States and Mexico for more than 30 years. She trains biologists on the proper protocol for handling and studying bats. Karen regularly carries out workshops and presentations on bats and birds to groups, schools, festivals, and organizations in the Southwest and Mexico. Her long-term inventory and monitoring program for bats in the Chiricahua Mount.