Billy Crawfish and his Big Adventure

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Join Billy, a curious crawfish, and his best friend Shelby, a patient snail, on a delightful journey of discovery in this heartwarming tale of friendship and adventure. Billy’s curiosity leads him to venture beyond the cozy, calm waters of his familiar creek to explore the vast, mysterious lake. Along the way, he encounters surprises, makes new friends, and discovers the joy of a grand crawfish celebration.

Meanwhile, Shelby, the patient snail, waits for his best friend’s return, knowing that patience often rewards with its own surprises. When Billy rushes back to share his exciting find, they embark on a new adventure together. A beautifully illustrated transitional reader children’s book that explores the values of curiosity, patience, and being true to oneself. Reminding us all that no matter how small we are, big, wonderful surprises are just around the corner if we are patient, curious, and open.

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 24