Bird Backpack with Wooden Stand Perch - Travel Carrier Backpack

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Great air flow inside, clear front soft TPU provides transparent vision for outside also protects birds from the wind and sand. Extra fabric shade to cover entire front backpack gives better privacy and blocks UV light and strong sun while hiking. Because of this hands-free bird backpack, birds can satisfy their curiosity while taking them out, birds should not be left alone at home anymore.


  • Printed Natural Floral Design: Hands free bird travel backpack, includes wooden standing perch and stainless-steel plate.
  • 3 Sides Ventilation Design: Mesh ventilation design on 3 sides gives great ventilation and airflow inside.
  • Fabric Shade Cover: Cover Shade design to provide privacy and block UV light and strong light, clear front panel features transparent vision for birds.
  • Either mount the backpack in front chest, or on the shoulder and back is workable. All gender fit because of adjustable straps and extra secure chest buckle.
  • Return guarantee for no reasons and contact our customer service for any questions and help you may need.
  • 16.5 x 12.9 x 2.8 inches