Bird Play Gym Tabletop with Cup, Toy Hanger, and Toy

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Our tabletop bird stands are made from a strong natural wood, super tight cotton that it is almost indestructible (although we want them to rip it off!), a stainless-steel cup for food or water, and because we love birds so much, we have included a FREE TOY.


  • This entertaining wood play gym gives your bird time outside of the cage to play, to exercise, and to interact with you. Keep your bird entertained, healthy, and stress-free with a bird play gym. It includes two cotton round perches to provide a fun environment to exercise
  • This Birds LOVE stand is proudly sold by an American company and shipped from the USA to you!
  • Suitable for medium birds: cockatoos, conures, amazons, eclectus, mini macaw - Dimensions: 13.5 in height, 16.5 in length, 13 in width, cotton toy hook 17 in straight, perch diameter is 1 in
  • The play stand includes one laminated base, one main perch with two sturdy cotton perches attached, a stainless-steel cup for water or food, a sturdy flexible cotton toy hook - the first of its kind - and ONE FREE TOY!