Bird Street Bistro Parrot Food Sample 4 Pack

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All natural, Parrot Food for your beloved avian companion. Our Parrot Food Sample Pack never uses fillers, additives, sulfites, preservatives, artificial colors, sugars, salt or artificial flavorings. You’ll love the premium ingredients perhaps more than your bird.


  • Suitable for Various Birds: Healthy parrot food does exist! Nutritious blend for parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, macaws, African greys, & more. The perfect parrot food for medium birds & larger. Prepare in as little as 3 minutes.
  • Premium & Clean Recipe: Uses all-natural ingredients. 100% natural with no fillers, sugars, or sulfites. Includes freeze dried fruits, organic whole grains, air dried vegetables, low fat nutritious nuts, savory & healthy spices.
  • Heath Benefits: Provides excellent health benefits to parrots. Blueberries are packed with Vitamin C and K to help keep your bird's feathers shiny and beautiful. Provides an extra boost to your bird's immune system. Ceylon Cinnamon can support the heart along with other health factors. Coconut works as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for parrot health.
  • Proudly Made in The USA under high quality standards. Bird Street Bistro proudly supports environmentally responsible farmers and suppliers with eco-friendly practices. We support recycling efforts by using recycled paper and earth-friendly biodegradable shipping supplies whenever possible
  • Includes Four Flavors: Our Parrot Food Variety Pack allows your parrot to try four delicious and nutritious blends. Includes Viva La Veggies, Apple Berry, Southern Feast, & Cinna Spice Delight. Proudly Made in The USA under high quality standards.