Bizzy One Bulb Duster - 8oz Diatomaceous Earth Applicator

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Type: Lawn & Patio
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Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Pest Control, Your Bizzy One Pesticide Sprayer Provides All the Components You Need for Easy, Eco-Safe Dusting: Handy Funnel, Rubber Bulb + 2 Rust-Resistant Brass Lances. Designed for Use with Powders, Your Bizzy One Pesticide Duster Provides:

*Durable rubber bulb, see-through for accurate filling
*Sturdy, convenient funnel, so you can easily fill the bulb without any messy spills
*2 pesticide-applicator lances (most kits include only 1)


  • Your Multi-Purpose Bulb Duster comes with an 8 oz. silicone bulb and 2 rust resistant brass wands
  • The large sturdy 8 oz. silicone bulb and rust resistant brass wands make this duster superior to others; it’s built to last
  • The 8 oz. bulb is translucent making it easy to fill, see the powder, and prevent spills
  • Unlike other brands, these longer wands allow you to dust even hard-to reach areas
  • Your handy powder dispenser is 12 x 4 x 2 in. and holds about 1/2 cup of dust.