Bonka Bird Small Clear Acrylic No Mess Feeder

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Type: Kitchen
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The Small Tweeky Clean Bird Seed Feeder from Bonka Bird Toys is a great way to provide a comfortable feeding area for your pet while making cleanup a breeze! This small bird feeder is made of hard durable plastic letting you admire your pet as they munch away! The shape of the Small Tweeky is very straightforward and appealing. Its design is a square shape has a big inviting opening and a great brightly colored textured birdy perch. The perch section is partitioned off from the seed section. This lets your pet comfortably sit and enjoy their food.


  • The Tweeky Clean Tidy Bird Feeder from Bonka Bird Toys is a favorite durable small sized bird feeder
  • This clean and clear acrylic feeder helps make cleanup easy for you with its feeding bays!
  • The first bay has an assorted color laser cut bird friendly perch to give your pet a comfy rest.
  • The hooks can be installed on the front or the back of the feeder giving you diff hanging options!
  • The Small Tweeky Clean Bird Seed Feeder is 100% bird safe and excellent to use in assorted cages!