Cat Tower Cat Scratching Post with Adorable Mushroom, Natural Sisal

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04/29/23 09:23 EDT
by Calmbee
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he multi-level cat tower is composed of good quality particle board, plush material, which makes the cat tree soft and comfortable. What's more, scratching posts are wrapped with natural sisal rope which cats can scratch their claws without damaging the furniture.


  • The 27 inches tall cat tree comes with a flower pattern cushions, a comfortable resting platform, a hanging ball and a cute mushroom platform. The bright color is attractive to your kitten. The vivid color will add a pop of fun to home decor.
  • Stability is always the priority. This kitty condo has a super solid construction, well-balanced design, and strong base. The overal design provides more reliability and stability.
  • Energetic kittens love this multi-level cat tree, which expands usable activity space vertically and offers more room for pets to climb and explore. Multi-layer structure and funny ladder design allows cats to stretch out their bodies, exercise their muscles, develop balance and control, and adds to feline flexibility.