Ceramic Grotto Stone Cave for Cichlids

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Plecoceramics’ cichlids rocks aquarium decoration is made of clay fired at high temperature. This makes our ornament absolutely safe for people, aquarium fish, and pets. The Grotto cichlid stones fish houses can be used to provide hiding places for fish and to reduce aggression among them. The fish tank decoration looks very natural inside the tank. Just flush the rock in running water before use. This item can be used for dwarf cichlids, crayfish, plecos, betta fish, and other small aquarium fish.


  • IDEAL FOR cichlids and plecos - Our cichlid rock hideouts are a good option for reducing aggression among fish.
  • NATURAL DESIGN - Cichlid decorations resemble natural materials. They look very realistic in fish tanks, and they can be used as a fish hideout log.
  • CICHLID ROCK GROTTO sizes are 6.3 x 4.3 x 4.5 inches. These rather large cichlid decorations are perfect for use in medium and large fish tanks.
  • FISH SAFETY - There are no sharp surfaces, making cichlid rocks safe for fish.
  • Eco-Friendly Material - Our decorations are made from ceramic, a well-known eco-friendly material. We don’t use any plastic or other slow-degrading materials in the manufacturing process.