Chambered Wheel Foraging Training Toy for Medium Parrots

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by Wontee
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Not only a food feeder, but an intelligence toy for bird. It makes it easy to provide fresh fruit, veggies, and breads in a more engaging way. Your pet bird will learn that removing the food pellets that are visible through the openings is stimulating, fun, and rewarding because they get to eat when they work for it. Your bird will love to forage for various food that you put in the separate chambers of the wheel, watch them spin the wheel and enthusiastically attack the chamber of their choice.


  • Diameter of chambered disc is 5 inches. Depth of Chambers is 1 inch.
  • Rotatable design, the front of the food box can be rotated to train the IQ and skills of birds.
  • Multi-designed food box can place different kinds of food to meet the different needs of birds.
  • Birds can see the items in each chamber of the wheel and have the opportunity to make their own selection.