Chinchilla Hut Hideout - Natural Wood Small

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by YKD
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The Ultimate Hideout for Your Furry Friend - Looking for a cozy little house for your pet? Our hide is perfect for any chinchilla, hamster, rabbit, squirrel, rat, hedgehog and other small animals.

  • Provide a Natural Sense of Security for Your Pet with This Small Animal Hideout - Just like us, animals need their own space. Our houses and hideouts are a quiet place for pets to hide, sleep, and relax.
  • Rooftop Perfect for Creating a Special Hideout Spot- Encourage your pet to roam and play! Place cloth, wood chips, toys, and snacks on the roof of the guinea pig hideout house to create a fun, interesting habitat.
  • Multiple Entry and Exit Holes - Let your pet explore the habitat freely - various openings create an airy, well-ventilated wooden house that’s easily accessible and fun to hang out in.
  • Constructed with Premium Natural Wood - Durable, sturdy, and well crafted. Made from high quality wood, this small animal hideout is built to last! 9.6 x 7.5 x 6.9 inches