Chinchilla Hut Hideout Natural Wooden

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by Megawa
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Provide a Natural Sense of Security for Your Pet with This Small Animal Hideout - Our small animal houses and hideouts are a quiet place for pets to hide, sleep, and relax.

  • Constructed from quality natural timber, provide pets with a natural sense of security. which can attract the fun of chinchilla and other small animals to a large extent, and dispel their boring emotions.
  • Our small pet house is perfect for any chinchilla, hamster, hedgehog and other small animals.
  • Multiple Entry and Exit Holes - Let your pet explore the small animal habitat freely - various openings create an airy, well-ventilated wooden house that’s easily accessible and fun to hang out in. the wide roof can give the little pet rest.
  • Dimensions: 8.6x6.3x6.3in (22x16x16cm). Strong natural wooden planks, strong and durable.