Medium Coco Platt Preening Parrot Toy

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The Medium Coco Platt from Bonka Bird Toys is a natural and chewable good time for your beaked buddy. This bird toy is made from mostly natural materials all of them able to be chewed apart! There is a quick link connector included at the top with a sturdy link chain hanging from it going through the center of the natural half shell coconut. This connector lets you quickly install the toy on a cage bar or structure right from the pack. The sturdy link chain ends in a sturdy metal ring that has a large bundle of woven palm strips hanging from it. These palm strips are a natural material, soft to the touch and excellent for beaks and feet to grab and shred. The half shell coconut is a super interesting item for pet birds to investigate and offers more chewing and grabbing fun.


  • The quick link connector included lets you hang the toy quickly in the cage from a bar or structure.
  • A sturdy metal ring hangs from the connector passing through the center of the half shell coconut.
  • A bundle of woven palm strips hang from a sturdy metal ring perfect for grabbing and chewing.
  • The Coco Platt is 100% bird safe and excellent for adding a chewing grabbing experience.