Coconut Hut Hamster House

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Coconut Hut is a safe hideout and cozy sleeping bed for small animals, cute tropical decoration for your pet cage. Smaller companion animals require 2-3 resting houses in the cage, especially when left alone for extended periods. It is imperative for mental and physical health to have secure hideaways for sleeping available. Coconut Hut is crafted from real coconuts shell, it's eco-friendly and animal safe material, reusable and durable. With every use, you help the environment and support fair trade and craftspeople.


  • Coconut Hut - a safe and cozy hideout space for your small pet, easy access to in or out with the entrance
  • Cozy Bed - Add bedding materials to make a comfortable resting place for your little friends. More peaceful & Less daylights
  • Natural Material - Made by coconut shell, it's reusable and eco-friendly, it's able to use daily
  • Lovely Ornament - Go decor and turn your pet cage into a tropical paradise vibe with the coconut house
  • Ideal for Hamster, Gerbils, Mice, Sugar Glider pocket pets.