Java Tree Mini Tabletop

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Prevue Pet Products Coffea wood Java Tree Table Top Play stand is a sustainably harvested, 100% natural wood product from the Coffea wood/Java tree.

Extra Small | Small | Medium sizes available.

Allow your bird to play and explore as it would in the forest by climbing and perching among the gnarled branches.

Each tabletop playstand has multiple levels and is a unique and one-of-a-kind product, no two trees are alike! With a smaller branch diameter, our Small Model is perfect for smaller birds like finch, canary, love bird and budgie. With one single food/water cup and two eye screws for hanging toys, these trees have branches ranging from 3/16’’ – 13/16’’ in diameter and a height range of 13 3/4’’ to 18’’ tall.

Minor assembly required, attach the trunk to the base, using the outline as a guide. Do not tighten food/water bowls all the way down to the branches.


  • Sustainably harvested 100% natural from the coffea wood/java tree
  • 1 single food/water cup plus 2 eye screws for hanging toys
  • Rubber feet to help protect your furniture