Gerbils: The Complete Guide to Gerbil Care

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Fun Facts, Choosing a Pet, Emergency First Aid, Activities and Tricks, Training Techniques, Diet, and More (Complete Care Made Easy)

Author Donna Anastasi describes these irresistible critters as "quiet, clean, friendly, curious, active, and easy-to-please." In deciding whether the gerbil is for you, Anastasi offers this advice: "If you are looking for a seemingly limitless cache of cuteness--from their long, fanning whiskers and large almond-shaped eyes to heir bunny like hind legs and tufted tail tips--then gerbils are for you!"

Filled with terrific color photographs, Gerbils summarizes the basic needs of these adorable rodents, specifically addressing their housing requirements, the cost and commitment involved, and their interactions with children and other pets. The following are devoted to purchasing a healthy gerbil from a pet shop, hobby breeder, or shelter; introducing the gerbil to the home; housing and feeding; taming and handling the pet gerbil; health considerations and potential household hazards; breeding and raising the young; and exhibiting gerbils at shows.