ReptiChip Compressed Coconut Chip Substrate for Reptiles

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To enhance the living conditions of your reptiles and amphibians, appropriate bedding is essential. ReptiChip is a superior quality snake bedding, made of premium coconut chips, meticulously cleaned to remain dust, dirt, and fiber-free and boost your reptiles’ healthy growth. Great For All of Your Reptiles and Amphibians! Whether you keep a corn snake, a milk snake, a king snake, a gecko or a turtle, this reptile bedding is for you. Ultra-absorbent and odor-free, it will provide your reptiles with the humidity they need to thrive but will also help your python or boa to safely breed. Easy To Use & Clean! Add water to expand the ReptiChip Breeder Block and substrate and create a perfectly hygienic environment for your reptile. W


  • CREATE A HEALTHY HABITAT for your ball python or iguana with ReptiChip Coconut Substrate for reptiles. Its superb humidity retention helps form a tropical paradise in turtle and reptile terrariums.
  • 72-QUART COMPRESSED BRICK equals 10 lbs of safe, comfortable reptile bedding for professional breeders and serious hobbyists. Just add water to moisten and our pet snake substrate is ready to use.
  • ODOR-ABSORBING ReptiChip Coco Substrate encapsulates waste product, making your gecko, python or turtle bedding a healthy environment for your pet and ensuring your own home is pleasant-smelling.
  • 100% ORGANIC coco chips are highly sustainable and earth friendly. ReptiChip Breeder Block has been meticulously cleaned so it is a dust and dirt-free hermit crab or ball python snake bedding.
  • VERSATILE BIOACTIVE SUBSTRATE can be used as reptile or tortoise bedding. Its multifunctionality makes it an essential addition to your ball python tank accessories and hermit crab supplies.