Cup Delight Parrot Toy

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Cup Delight is the perfect noisemaker for those active medium-sized feathered friends in your family. Four Stainless cups hang from a sturdy linked chain which is adorned with colorful acrylic rings the beauty of this toy is that it can be hung vertically or horizontally giving your cherished companion multiple play activities. It measures approximately 14 inches in length cups are 3 - 4 inches long and it comes complete with a quick link. Offers multiple play options. A durable and long-lasting toy. Can be hung vertically or horizontally. All bird safe materials.


  • The 1410 Cup Delight from Bonka Bird Toys is a durable and noisy exciting time for your pet bird!
  • This bird toy has heavy-duty stainless-steel pots, colorful acrylic rings and sturdy link chain.
  • The stainless-steel pots make great bird pleasing noises when they bump against each other in play.
  • The colorful acrylic rings are translucent and color the measuring cups for a beautiful look.
  • The 1410 Cup Delight is 100% bird safe and is a super exciting enticing shiny medium sized bird toy!