Dr. Harvey's Colossal Cockatiel Blend - 4-pound bag

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Dr. Harvey's Colossal Cockatiel Blend is a wonderful blend of nuts, fruits, seeds, vegetables and herbs made specifically for cockatiels. This blend is optimized for the vitamins, minerals, and appropriate amount of protein that provide balanced nutrition that your cockatiel needs to maintain health & longevity, vibrant color and remarkable plumage.


  • Your cockatiel will look better, feel better, and live longer; our blend of ultra-premium ingredients promote optimal health, longevity, and vibrant plumage in cockatiels
  • Promote natural foraging behavior by feeding your cockatiel a full range of the foods that they would find in the wild
  • Packed with a variety of foods that cockatiels need to have a balanced diet, including 9 types of fruits, 9 types of nuts, 8 types of seeds, 7 types of vegetables, and oat groats
  • No chemicals, dyes, preservatives or synthetic ingredients of any kind; proudly farmed and packaged in the USA
  • Contains just the right amount of protein, fat, fiber, and moisture for cockatiels

What's in Dr. Harvey's Colossal Cockatiel Blend?

  • Ten types of seed and millet, including Canary Grass Seed, White Millet, Safflower Seed, Canola Seed, Oat Groats, Sesame Seed, Sunflower Seed, Caraway Seed, Hemp Seed, and Flaxseed
  • Nine types of nuts, including Macadamia Nuts, Walnuts, Almonds, Pine Nuts, Pistachios, Cashews, Filberts, Pecans, and Brazil Nuts
  • Myriad fruits and vegetables, including Coconut, Raisins, Bananas, Carrots, Apples Soybeans, Cranberries, Mangos, Orange Peels, Green Beans, Peas, Spinach, Green Bell Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, Celery, Parsley, Broccoli and Zucchini


What's NOT in Dr. Harvey's Colossal Cockatiel Blend?

  • NO Chemicals
  • NO Dyes or Coloring Agents
  • NO Preservatives or Synthetic Ingredients of any kind
  • NO Salt or Added Sugar

This blend provides optimal nutrition, with minimum 14 percent crude protein, minimum 15 percent crude fat, maximum 9 percent crude fiber, maximum 12 percent moisture.