Davis EarMed Cleansing Solution & Wash

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Davis EarMed cleansing solution & wash contains special ingredients to gently but effectively remove dirt, excess ear wax and dead tissue from the ear. This mild and deodorizing formula helps to soothe the external ear canal and reduce odor. Routine use provides a clean ear environment and aids in maintaining healthy tissue. Davis EarMed cleansing solution & wash can be used daily and will not stain or discolor.


  • Regular use helps promote clean, healthy ears
  • Formulated to be gentle and effective for routine cleaning
  • Removes dirt, wax and dead tissue without harming the pet’s ears
  • Deodorizing and non-staining
  • Made in the USA for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens
  • Age Range Description: All Stages
  • Included Components: One 12 Oz Bottle with Squirt Cap