Fancy Rats: Portraits and Stories

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People have prejudices about and fears towards rats; they are misunderstood creatures. However, for a large segment of the population, the rodents are cherished pets. The fancy rat is the most common breed of domesticated or pet rat. The name fancy rat derives from the idea of animal fancy (the promotion of domesticated animals) or the phrase "to fancy" (meaning to like or appreciate). 

In this book, animal activist and photographer Diane Ozdamar shares compelling, personality-filled portraits and stories about rats she’s fostered, leading the way to help the countless rats currently living in animal shelters to find loving homes. The stories that accompany the portraits will give readers a sense of each subject’s unique personality, fascinating behaviors, and social interactions. In addition, özdamar provides tips about rats’ care and maintenance and explains how to adopt rescue rats, how many rats to adopt, and why.  A large collection of these pictures was exhibited during the 2011, 2012, and 2013 editions of the annual show “Animal Expo” in Paris, France, where Diane gave lectures about general rat's care and maintenance, and informed visitors about these lovely creatures.