Hamster Sand Bath in Blue with Scoop

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Having a sand box container to dig into will help him feel a bit safer and more at home! You will see the difference in your furry little friend's disposition right away! The more he plays in the sandbox, the more energetic and de-stressed he'll become!


  • IDEAL BATHROOM FOR YOUR CRITTER: This premium plastic container makes for a perfect sand bath for your hamster. Having such a sand or powder bath is a great way to relieve your pet's stress and naturally clean his fur!
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: It’s compact, durable and lightweight and contains no toxic or otherwise harmful substances that could endanger your pet’s health.
  • KEEP YOUR FURRY FRIEND HAPPY: Sand baths are not only sanitary and beneficial to your pet’s health. They also offer them a great way to have fun and entertainment! Rodents enjoy digging and burrowing, so this will go a long way in keeping yours happy!