Heavy Duty Hanging Metal Mesh Wild Bird Feeder with 6 Metal Perches for Bird Lovers

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by Sopco
Type: Lawn & Patio
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Retro Full Copper consists of all copper roof and base, strong bite resistant metal mesh feed tube, big feeding station, UV-Resistance, drop resistant. Removable roof, easily hung, refilled and cleaned. Retro rust resistant powder coat finish, a sturdy stainless-steel hook and can be hung in the backyard, garden, deck, balcony or front porch.


  • High quality copper material, retro rust resistant powder coat finish. metal mesh feed tube, frost resistance, heat resistance, weatherproof.
  • No tools required, adjustable roof, easy to clean and refilled, feeding station with drainage holes to avoid water accumulation leading to moldy food; Metal mesh feed tube, it is easy to see when it is used up and refill it in time. Regular cleaning can keep feeders and seeds clean to attract more birds.
  • Can hold up to 2 lbs of mixed seeds, works well with mixed seed, mealworms, sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, grain, cracked corn, peanuts and so on.  
  • Seed cage is 9.8 inches tall and 11 inches in diameter at the bottom feeding tray.