High Ceilings

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: Musings of a Childhood and Why Kathleen Can't Grow Up

We are the sum of those people we’ve met along the way mixing with our DNA primal directives received through our ancestral legacy. To date, based on empirical evidence currently displaying in my world, DNA is the keel by which all influences must obey. There’s no getting around that primordial ooze we call family. Call it pre-existing conditionals.
This is a my childhood journey offered to you as a muse. An affirmation. An awareness. A hope. A rope. A relatable tale I hope will find itself on your keep list. My childhood journey was hilarious. Some of which are funnier through the eyes of an adult. We will laugh together here. I know what you are going through. It’s okay. Let me share my recipe. For balance. And joy. And contentment. And awareness. And forgiveness. Life is hilarious! Life wants us entertained and awed. Life wants us, aware. Life requires baking. You can have your cake and it eat, too. Trick is, you have to bake your own cake.
The best lives are savored.