Hollow Tree Trunk Aquarium Decor

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09/30/22 09:27 EDT
by Dvirroi
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Perfect nature feeling addition to your 5-50 Gallon tank. 100% Safe Resin: Made of natural materials and free of chemicals. which is durable, non-toxic and eco-friendly, does not pollute the water and is safe for pets.

  • Easy To Sink & Stay: Heavy Flat Base make it easy to sink and stay on the bottom of your fish tank. Instead of floating ornaments. Looks brighter and more colorful underwater.
  • Maintenance Free: Before putting the product into the aquarium, please rinse with water first. No further maintenance needed. Perfect accessory for aquariums to complement any naturalistic look.
  • Wide Openings: wide hole and opening around it, quite great hideaway for the fish swim in and out, playing and breed, provides the perfect hiding spot for betta fish, molly fry, guppies, tetras, gouramis, ghost shrimp etc.

Perfect fish accessories for small aquarium pets less than 5 inches such as betta, hermit crab, crayfish, sucker fish, axolotl, guppies, blue rams, chained loach, clow fish, elfishes, hifin ram, zebra danio, black neon tetra, etc.