How Do You Do? Very Well, Thank you! Children's Story Book

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A children's book meant to be held and read together. Visiting blue jays ask a good question that requires a good answer. A kind good question of how do you do? Bright illustrations in watercolor softness express their own explanation in this little relatable tale.

Caring for another starts with caring enough to ask. Blue jays take a child's imagination throughout the zoo, meeting and greeting all who live there. Distilling life lessons into worded memories is the specialty of Kathy LaFollett. Her children's books are meant to be shared, talked over, and explored. They are written to strengthen the love between you and your little one. Giggle to the end, wonder beyond.

Review:   Kathy's writings conjure the beloved work of Sedaris, Lorenz, Carson, Bombeck and Herriot.

About the Author:   She lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida with 8 parrots, two dogs, one rabbit, 2 guinea pigs, 2 lizards and one very patient husband. Surrounded by a demanding conciliatory flock of wild Muscovy ducks outside their home, agreeable to her care and concerns, she writes her stories and tends to their needs. On time. Every day. Much like those living inside the house. She's happily exhausted.