Jack Crow Knows

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Book 2 of the Jack Crow Trilogy.

Understanding ourselves is easier if we choose to see our own struggles through other’s eyes. Even when those eyes belong to a crow named Jack. An uplifting, revealing adventure. Jack Crow Knows opens a world of truths in the tradition of Aesop’s Fables, with a voice for these times.

Published in 2019 first, as the second book in a trilogy, John Fitzgerald Douglas finds his human karma living inside a crow named Jack. What can a human spirit learn from a crow's life? Plenty. We'll get to how John became Jack in the first place in the first book "A Mulligan for John Fitzgerald Douglas" to be released in 2023. We'll find out how a man who experiences life, again, as a crow turns out in the third book, "Forget What you Think you Know Jack Crow" to be released in 2024. Sometimes in life you have to go backward, to go forward.