ABG Mix Tropical Plant Soil & Terrarium Vivarium Substrate

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Josh’s Frogs ABG Mix is the perfect blend for growing tropical plants both in the home and in bioactive vivariums. Our mix is the original ABG Mix developed by the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Each bag is a precise mixture of charcoal, milled sphagnum moss, fir bark, tree fern, and peat. The mixture creates the perfect balance between retaining moisture and proper drainage; it can last for several years if used properly! This substrate mix is for most applications when growing tropical plants, in a dart frog vivarium, paludariums, live plant terrarium, growing tropical houseplants, etc. How to

Use: Premix the bag before adding the ABG Mix to the terrarium. Also, wet the substrate before using it for cleaner moving, the moisture helps cut down on dust. When using in a vivarium with a false bottom, make sure that the water in the bottom never rises up past the substrate barrier and ABG mix, as this will quickly result in a saturated, sopping wet mess that is unhealthy both for plants and animals. Anerobic bacteria can quickly take hold in these conditions.


  • PLANTS THRIVE: Recipe from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens proven for decades to accommodate a huge variety of plants, especially tropical and houseplants.
  • LONG LASTING: Specifically designed to break down slowly, making it prime for use in terrariums/vivariums.
  • BIO-BALANCED: Each of the multiple ingredients in this precise mix support a balanced ecosystem.
  • EXCELLENT FOR CULTURING: Great for springtails, isopods, and other similar insects
  • Contents may be layered or mixed upon arrival, please mix before adding to enclosure
  •  (4 Quart/1 Gallon)