Max Potency Buster's Organic Hemp Oil

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MAXIMUM CARE FOR YOUR PETS 30,000-57,000MG Max Potency>: 30,000-57,000 Milligrams of Hemp Oil for Cats and Dogs giving the ideal treatment to benefit pets of all sizes. Ideal for cats and canines big and small, young or old, and even those with sensitive stomachs.


PAIN RELIEF: helps with inflammation, arthritis and joint pain.

ANXIETY & STRESS RELIEF: reduces stress & anxiety, separation anxiety, calming aggressive dogs, helps with fear of thunderstorms or long-distance traveling.

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT: can be administered daily as part of your pet's diet.

DIGESTION ISSUES: helps with loss of appetite, nausea, IBS, and gastrointestinal swelling.

SUPPORT FOR OLDER PETS: helps with arthritis and joint pain, helping with general mobility and energy. Manages mood, improves skin & coat health, improves sleep, reduced seizures & spasms.

POST-SURGERY RECOVERY: anti Inflammatory properties helps with swelling, pain, stiffness, recovers from sprains, strains and broken bones; can be used in conjunction with regular medications with no interactions or side effects


Use directly in pet's food or put in pet's mouth.