Kaytee Fiesta Cockatiel Bird Food - 4.5 Pound

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by Kaytee
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Kaytee Fiesta Cockatiel food is a nutritionally fortified gourmet diet made of a premium blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains offering maximum variety, fun and nutrition for pet birds. Fiesta contains prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive health and is formulated with your bird species in mind. Kaytee understands that sharing your life with a pet bird is not only enjoyable but very enriching.


  • Nutritionally Fortified Gourmet Food for Cockatiels
  • Omega 3'S To Support Brain and Heart Health
  • Antioxidants For General Health and Immune Support
  • Enhances Skin and Feather Health for Vibrant, Healthy Plumage
  • Contains Fruits, Nuts, Veggies and Textures for Nutritional Variety
  • Prebiotics And Probiotics to Support Digestive Health
  • Naturally Preserved for Ideal Freshness