Large Cockatiel Cage on Stand with a fitted Mesh Cover - Black

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Set up a space for pet birds that looks great and provides ample flying and perching room. With one of our large bird cages, you're able to house several small and medium sized birds, and still have plenty of space for accessories and decorations. This bird cage with stand also comes with feeding trays for water and seed, as well as dowel perches to perch on. A removable bottom tray enables quick and simple cleanup while 4 rolling caster wheels provide easy portability so you can move the birds cage to any room in the house. Our wrought iron bird cage boasts a powder coated frame finish so it should look like new even after years of use.


  • A SPACIOUS, STURDY SPACE FOR BIRDS | Create an environment that's the perfect place for parakeets, cockatiels, other small or medium sized birds.
  • PLENTY OF ROOM TO FLY AND PERCH | A flat top keeps bird cages extra rooming and gives you room to hang toys or other accessories. You get 3 dowel perches and 4 feeding trays with purchase - and there's plenty of space for more. Parrot cage dimensions: 30.7 x 20.5 x 52’’.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN | A slide out metal tray inside the large bird cage makes it simple and convenient to clean out bird poop and place water or treats inside. Our bird cages feature 4 rolling coaster wheels so they're easy to move around.
  • STURDY IRON CONSTRUCTION | Made from wrought iron and boasting a powder coated frame finish, our bird cages for parakeets and other birds are extra solid and durable, making a comfy home for your feathered friends for years.
  • INCLUDES MESH COVER AND OXFORD COVER | We've also included a light mesh cover, and tools you'd need to assemble the flight cage - an allen wrench, 16 screws, and more.