Large Zig Zag Wooden Beak Trim Chew Bird Toy

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The Zig Zag Chew toy is perfect for large birds that need an outlet for their chewing urges. Its use aids in beak conditioning and boredom-busting. Made of pet-safe multicolored wooden slats with a stainless-steel chain. Ideal for amazons, Congo greys, cockatoos, eclectus, macaws, and other large birds. Measures approximately 21.5 inches long and 4.5 inches wide.


  • ENGAGING: This hanging toy's eye-catching movement and vibrant colors will grab and hold your bird's attention
  • BEAK CONDITIONING: Encourages chewing and shredding and is the perfect outlet for your bird to condition their beak
  • BOREDOM BUSTING: The Zig Zag Chew toy satisfies your bird's urge to chew and helps reduce stress and boredom
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Attaches easily to any cage with its pear link fastener, ensuring your bird can start playing as quickly as possible
  • FOR LARGE BIRDS: Measures 21.5 inches long and is perfect for amazons, Congo greys, cockatoos, Eclectus, macaws, and other large birds