Little Sea Piggles Children's Book

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All things are more than they seem. What those more things are lives inside the imagination. A guinea pig is called, Meerschweinchen, in German. Little sea pig. When I learned this, I remembered how much more there could be. What could a story about guinea pigs living in the ocean contain? Giggles, of course.

About the Author Kathy's writings conjure the beloved work of Sedaris, Lorenz, Carson, Bombeck and Herriot. Her stories carry you along an intelligent and insightful path leaving you laughing while reading. Through her fresh angled lens Kathy's writings adventure inside the normal day to day living with companion animals. Her concise storytelling focuses on the unfathomable nature of the companion animal thinking. After laughing along with her you admit that you don't know everything you thought you did about your furry, feathered, or scaly friends.