Lizards of the World: A Guide to Every Family

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Lizards are one of nature’s great success stories: survivors from the time of the dinosaurs, they have taken advantage of almost every habitat on earth, from tropical rainforest to Arctic tundra and even our homes. From chameleons and skinks to geckos and iguanas, there are close to 7,000 species of lizards around the world. This expert guide explores their extraordinary diversity and adaptations.

More than 200 detailed photographic images 80+ lizard families and subfamilies Exploration of lizard biology, behavior, habits, and distribution Broad coverage and in-depth treatment by a world-renowned herpetologist Review "Lizards of the World is authoritative, taxonomically detailed, and filled with wonderful photographs. This great book shows that an Earth without lizards wouldn’t be a planet worth living on."―Eric R. Pianka, coauthor of Lizards: Windows to the Evolution of Diversity