Long Stainless-Steel Aquarium Plant Tweezers, Scissors, Spatula, Algae Scrapers

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Must-have Aquarium Starter Kit wonderful for precision pruning, rearranging, maintaining, cleaning, trimming, grooming aquatic plants, does not disturb the rest of the decor/plants, or accurately spot feeding without contaminating water or getting soaked.


  • 5 in 1 Aqua scaping tools - 10.6" Straight Tweezer, 10.6" Curved Tweezer, 9.8" Aquatic Curved Scissor / bonsai scissors, 13" Substrate Spatula, 100 strips PH Tester 1-14, Comes with a velvet pouch when not in use.
  • Premium Quality Forged stainless steel with excellent flexibility and rustproof material, specially designed Anti-slip clip end, instead of putting your hands into water, These Aquarium Plant Tools can prevent accidental injuries to your aquatic plants.
  • Great for taking care of all types of aquarium plants, clean fish tank substrate and aquarium gravel. Also, it can be used as Algae Scrapers and Bonsai tools, helps maintain a clean fish tank. 

Aquascape Tool Kit contains:

1 x Curved Scissor - 9.8 inch

1 x Substrate Spatula - 12.6 inch

1 x Straight tweezer - 10.6 inch

1 x Curved tweezer - 10.6 inch

1 x 80 strips PH Tester

1 x Storage Pouch Bag