Meluka Australia Premium Raw Honey

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Sweeten your life with our 100% pure, organic, raw, unfiltered Australian Wildflower Honey! Meluka’s signature Wildflower Honey is produced by bees harvesting from the pristine rainforest wetlands nestled within the Bungawalbin Valley in Australia, or the “healing ground,” as it is known by the Bundjalung people of Northern New South Wales. Our honeybees forage from the native melaleuca tree, jelly bush, eucalyptus tree, and Australian seasonal wildflowers.


  • GIFTS FROM THE HONEYBEE: Our unheated and unpasteurized honey retains the nutrients and enzymes you need. Raw honey is rich in healing properties and can help soothe a sore throat, cough, or cold.
  • REAL ORGANIC HONEY: The Bungwalbin Valley provides a pristine, clean, and green environment for our healthy honeybees to forage in. We believe strong trees and healthy bees produce superior honey.
  • GIFT PACK: Meluka honey makes the perfect gift for men and women! Our unfiltered, gluten-free honey makes a delicious treat, and it can be paired with homemade bread or tea to make a yummy set!
  • BEST TASTE & QUALITY: Our honey has a mild, naturally sweet blossom flavor perfectly suited to sweet and savory dishes. It is produced by bees foraging from the wetlands of the Bungawalbin Valley.